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The Ritchey Pro Micro V4′s tiny forged steel body has the benefit of a very low (8mm) stack height. This is the distance between the shoe interface and the centre of the pedal axle, and theoretically less stack allows for better power transfer.

The drawback is that there is no room for bearings, which potentially impacts on durability. Weight is an impressively low 219g per pair.

The front half of the clip-in mechanism is also the pedal’s body (once it wears out, it’s time for new pedals); the rear steel hinge is operated by two steel coil springs. Tension is adjusted using a 3mm hex key, a visual guide enabling you to easily equalise the tension of each pedal.

Entry is smooth from the very start, but they do require quite a bit of force to clip into when new. That does take a while to ease off, and there isn’t much time between clipping in becoming easier and the cleat wearing to the point where it needs replacing.

The pedals are also easy to get out of, but not so easy that you clip out by accident. The best thing is that the release action remains the same throughout the life of the pedals and the cleat. It seemingly never changes – a solid and predictable release feeling every time.

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