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RockShox’s simple big-hitter isn’t light but it’s a great fork for those who want solid long-travel reliability. Based on the Lyrik fork but with steel
stanchions, the Domain is a serious chunk of weight, but that translates to
serious stiffness and strength.

There are two
dual-crown versions if you want an even stiffer fork and can cope with
less steering lock, along with a shorter-travel (160mm) single-crown version that offers optional U-Turn travel-adjustment. 

The Motion Control IS damping on the 180mm model is workmanlike rather
than super-fluid and the rebound can get confused if you hammer it down a long
steppy descent. Ninety percent of the time the gently progressive spring rate is fine
though, and there are no obvious spiking or top-out issues even on big slams.
You get a full set of seals in the box for servicing too, which is a nice touch.

article was originally published in Mountain
Biking UK
magazine, available on Apple
and Zinio.

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