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Though not designed specifically for cycling, the Contour shorts from Salomon are great for casual riding and for general use.

Made from a very light and stretchy soft shell fabric, they keep drizzle and wind at bay and are incredibly comfortable.

Our 34in waist size pair came up more like a 36in, so checking sizing is advised, especially because the fit is trim, but relaxed. A single popper and zippered fly make for easy access when it counts, and there are full belt loops. 

The hand pockets are a little small, but are vented so help promote better airflow. A zippered rear-facing pocket is big enough for a wallet or phone, which is handy. There’s also a slim pocket on the right thigh, suitable for lighter items.

The Contours are comfortable shorts, best used as everyday shorts that you can ride in, rather than specifically for cycling.

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