These days, when off -the-peg carbon frames are generally excellent, reliable and affordable, is there a need for custom carbon? Or put another way, when a chain store suit fits, why go to Savile Row?

Handily, Veneto-based Sarto takes its name from sartor, Latin for tailor – which is just what the Italian company does with its carbon frames.

  • Highs: Exquisite frameset, excellent ride quality
  • Lows: High price – and you may never want to ride anything else
  • Buy If: You feel your precise needs aren’t being met by mass market bike offerings

As well as a range of stock sizes, it offers a full bespoke service. If you want it, Sarto will build it. Our example was made for a flexible 63-year-old who has short legs for his height. Because of a lower back problem, he wanted something that would remain comfy and handle well with no toe overlap, as

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