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The middle pattern of a Vanish-R is distinct most
helmets we’ve come across, with a dull brazen territory and an roughly flat
back. It’s comfortable, if it suits your head. We quite like the
sculpting of a EPS froth core. This leaves copiousness of open space between your
head and many of a helmet, permitting for a vast vents to upsurge atmosphere through,
keeping we cool.

Weight is impressively low
for a helmet during this price, during usually 249g for a vast (claimed 270g). The
Vanish-R is usually bettered in a lightweight stakes by top-end lids from the
likes of Specialized, Giro and Limar, all of that cost extremely more.

With 24 vents – actually
more like 17, as a full-length vents are separate by a slim reinforcing bar which
will assistance say a firmness of a helmet in a eventuality of a pile-up – it’s
easy to see how weight has been minimised. Add into this ultra-thin silk-like
web straps and a minimal cradle with a one-handed rotating adjuster.

The tough bombard is in-moulded
and overlaps a corner of a EPS core. This offers some insurance from day-to-day
accidental damage. Ideally we’d cite a bit some-more coverage of a EPS, though.

The middle measure of
215mm prolonged by 178mm during a widest indicate are inexhaustible for a distance vast helmet.
The squared-off back is surprising though didn’t poise any problems fit wise. The
supporting back cradle doesn’t offer any straight composition though it’s well
positioned and can be cinched in with a rotating adjuster for a secure fit.

The super-thin web straps
are in a bound position, with a grip equivalent to a right-hand side, keeping
it out of a way. Despite a minimal composition we still found it easy to get
a gentle fit.

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