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With good over 100 years of knowledge creation top-end bicycle saddles, Italian saddle legends Selle Italia know their onions when it comes to absolutely seating cyclists. They reckon a SLR SuperFlow 145 is their many gentle roost to date.

It’s a company’s first high opening saddle in a breadth wider than 131mm (not withstanding their luckless Yutaak project). At 145mm wide, it follows a trend led by Specialized, whose Body Geometry saddles are accessible in 130, 143 and 155mm widths to best compare a several ‘sit bone’ widths of a people who buy their bikes.

Extra saddle breadth unequivocally works and anyone who isn’t built in a pro-level racing lizard cover could good benefit from a combined support. We’ve ridden Selle Italia seats for some-more than 20 years yet in a past 10 or so changed divided as we’ve attempted and favourite wider saddles. We now foster a 143mm widths of a ‘middle’ Specialized trio, so this new Selle Italia saddle suits us widthwise. 

It supports your weight well, swelling a vigour and easing us into longer rides than we could do on any of Selle Italia’s stream 131mm-wide models. Then there’s a new, wider, SuperFlow slot. The slotting of saddle hulls isn’t new, yet it can assistance to make roving a reduction unpleasant and narcotic knowledge by stealing a saddle from a executive seating zone. 

The breadth is 40mm where customary SLR Flow slots are 25mm. While we acquire any additional bid to humour a whatnots a disproportion in feel/comfort isn’t huge. In fact, we have several non-slotted yet some-more padded saddles that are only as gentle in that supportive zone. So a additional carcass breadth works, a additional container breadth is debatable. 

The altogether figure of a saddle is flat opposite a tip following a Selle Italia residence character and will fit most, yet we’d adore a bit some-more swoop (and flexibility) in a carcass for those with a reduction flexible position, and maybe even a lurch some-more padding. As it stands a SLR SuperFlow 145 is a step in a right instruction in creation Selle Italia saddles some-more gentle for some-more riders for some-more of a time. It’s value a try.

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