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For those of you after a stiff, do-it-all stem that won’t break the scales, Spank’s Oozy Limited is certainly worth considering. 

Essentially, it looks identical to the cheaper Oozy stem, but it comes shod with titanium hardware, knocking off around 30g of weight. Our 60mm sample weighed 131g.

The single steerer clamping bolt or ‘sex bolt’ makes installation even easier than most regular stems and still tightens up to clamp twist-free on the steerer, proving to be maintenance free so far. 

The titanium hardware coupled with the glossy chrome and black finish on our sample looks super slick and even at this minimal weight, is surprisingly flex free, and that’s even with a wide 720mm bar in place.

Although the introduction of the titanium bolts ups the bling factor, and knocks weight off, the jump in price from the cheaper £59.99 (US$79) version is still a lot to stomach.

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