Stages power meters enter Europe, update firmware

The upstart power meter company Stages Cycling will have continental European distribution beginning in January with the new Stages Cycling Europe office in Kirchzarten, Germany. Also, Stages recently updated its firmware, offering new features from the esoteric, like detailed 64x/sec data transmission, to the more practical, such as a low-battery warning that will pop up on ANT+ head units like Garmin Edge computers.

Stages power meters, which are factory mounted to the left crank arm of alloy cranksets from Shimano, SRAM, FSA and Cannnondale will be available in Europe for between

€699 and €899. Stages power meters are currently available in the UK and Ireland through Saddleback LTD.

Stages’ app can capture torque and force readings at a rate of 64 times a second

Stages launched in the US at the end of 2012.

“After a
year in the North American market, the Stages Power meter has already proven to
be a game-changer within the power category,“ said Sebastian Eckmann, Stages European director. “A simple and affordable power meter that works for riders of all
disciplines is something that was missing on the power meter market. I am very
excited to make this product available to European riders.”


Riders who already have a Stages power meter can update their firmware by downloading the most recent iOS StagesPower app and connecting it via Bluetooth to their meter.

One new and unique feature is the meter’s ability to measure data at 64 times a second and transmit that information to the app, which can in turn email a spreadsheet to a computer for analysis. Beyond the gee-whiz factor, many riders will not really know what to do with this, though could be a valuable tool for data-heads and coaches. 

The new battery indicator function, however, should be something easy for all riders to appreciate. When the meter’s firmware is updated, it will send a low-battery warning to a paired ANT+ head unit when battery life dips under 10 hours. 

Sometimes the simplest things are the most useful. A green battery-level indicator icon on the new app will be appreciated

Other new features include measurements for torque efficiency and pedal smoothness, two metrics introduced with the Garmin Edge





The updated StagesPower app also has more detailed information readings from the power meter, including a Fahrenheit/Celsius toggle for the zero calibration, a battery indicator, ANT+ ID and more.

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