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To symbol 105 years in business, Italian code Wilier are relocating in on a fixie stage with their possess well-executed interpretation named after Antonio ‘Toni’ Bevilacqua, a 1950s double lane universe champion.

Current singlespeed conform takes many cues from a 20/24in circle travel scene. This chooses a opposite tack, sketch on Wilier’s ‘style equity’ and pattern heritage. The conduct badge, for instance, is a duration reproduction, while a stickers and paint intrigue offer a convincing mock-up of 1950s graphics.

The Toni’s float is really gentle interjection to a intensely effective chair springs: this saddle kicks ass… since it doesn’t! Chrome-plated coils competence not lay good with purists, though they work during holding a corner off a unavoidable rebound when you’ve left approach past your redline.

Strong wheels and an old-school 1in front finish yield pin pointy steering, while subtly oversized steel tubing ensures zingy comfort, with only a right volume of highway feel. Cockpit and controls were strike and miss, with Toni’s gentle beard bars a leader though a cyclo-cross character stop levers tough to master on high descents.

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