Williams Cycling are expanding from their long-running highway circle operation with a new collection of saddles (James Huang/BikeRadar)

Direct-to-consumer retailers Williams Cycling have added road saddles, bars, stems and seatposts to their renouned operation of clincher and tubular highway wheels. The American association are adhering to their common business indication with a new gear – a manly brew of opening and value.

“One of a advantages of a direct-to-consumer indication is that we
have unfiltered communication with a customers,” pronounced association founder
and namesake Keith Williams. “We were constantly removing requests from
people who desired a wheels and wanted us to offer some-more products. We finally
did a grave investigate in early 2011 to weigh a direct and it was definitely

“On a production side, after 5 years in business we’ve
established a repute as a association that pays adult for quality, sells into the
coveted North American market, and pays their bills on time. So we knew there
was clever direct and we had a list of devoted manufacturers fervent to partner
with us.”

Williams Cycling’s new saddle operation is done adult of 4 models, any with
distinct shapes though equally labelled during US$129/£82 and
similarly interesting in terms of specs. Common facilities embody CO fiber
rails, carbon-reinforced nylon shells, luxurious-feeling Italian microfiber
covers in black or white, and tangible weights good next 200g.

The Aurora SLC is a lightest indication in Williams Cycling’s new saddle range

All a saddles have proven production peculiarity pleasantness of Taiwanese saddle giants Velo. Given that Velo make for large other name-brands, it’s
perhaps not startling that several of Williams’ new offerings bear
strong dimensional similarity to other models we’ve seen – despite during much
higher prices.

The Aurora SLC is Williams’ lightest indication during 151g, with a prolonged and flat
profile, a executive cutout and sparse, high-density enamel froth padding.
Next in line is a 157g Axiom SLC with some-more padding, a some-more dull shape
left-to-right, a cutout shell, and flex zones underneath a lay bones. 

Williams brace a 188g Endura SLC as their many normal shape, with a hammock
profile front-to-back and a somewhat winding form left-to-right, more
generous stuffing throughout, lay bone flex zones and a full-length central
depression to assistance revoke soothing hankie pressure. 

The Endura SLC is a many easily padded saddle in a range. It uses a executive channel instead of full-blown cutout

The sole triathlon-oriented charity is a 189g Tempo SLC, that is notably
wider by a midsection and sports a really extended and easily padded nose
for additional comfort when perched over aero bars. Williams acknowledge their initial four-saddle operation is medium though contend it’s formally extensive in terms of shapes. 

“We suspicion about charity a operation of builds though during a finish of
the day it done some-more clarity to concentration on giving business a choice of shape
within a product family,” Williams told BikeRadar“We gave them all a same cost since they’re
all top-quality saddles and we don’t wish varying prices to be a cause when
people are selecting a saddle that works best for them. People tend to
associate differences in cost with differences in performance, and we didn’t
want that to be a factor.”

Williams’ new member collection also
includes dual dump bars, an integrated aero bar, dual stems and one seatpost.
Mountain bike components (and maybe wheels) are a probability relocating forward.

The Tempo SLC is directed during triathletes, with a really far-reaching and heavily padded nose

“People will buy from Williams since we offer high quality
products during an appealing price,” Williams continued. “We partner
with a same manufacturers as many of a vital brands in a industry. We can
directly daub patron direct and a discernment of a sponsored athletes to focus
on formulating accurately a products riders want. We know that a products we make
are as good or improved than most, and after 5 years people are wakeful of this.

“The biggest jump that we’ve had to overcome as a association is
people’s thought that peculiarity is tied to price. People are lerned to consider that
the top pricetag is trustworthy to a best product and that inexpensive
equals cheap. People are finally starting to know a model. They
understand that a direct-to-consumer structure has authorised us to move them
excellent wheels during an appealing price, and that a same indication will work with
components. People will buy from us since they know that a Williams product
is going to be solid, no matter what a pricetag says.”

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